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Our Boys And Girls


"Greystoke's Stud Dogs"



Karwishs Ziggy Stardust     Karwishs Ziggy Stardust

"Karwishs Ziggy Stardust"
Color - Salt/Pepper

View Ziggy's Pedigree

Ziggy is a compact heavy boned male. He stands 11 1/2 inches tall and is square bodied. He is a very loving dog with an excellent temperament. His sire is Champion Mountain High Star Seeker. Notice the notch in Ziggy's ear. This is a good example of a bad ear crop.


"Greystoke's Girls"



Greystokes Femme Lolita     Greystokes Femme Lolita

"Greystokes Femme Lolita"
Color - Salt/Pepper

View Lola's Pedigree

Lola is an 11 inch female with a nice square body. She is a reserved dog that hardly ever barks. Once she befriends you though, she is very loving and likes to cuddle up with you. She hates walking on our laminate floors and will hop from rug to rug to avoid them. Her mother was Jinx a black/silver and her sire was Ozzy a black.


Karwish Mystic's Dream Karwish Mystic's Dream

"Karwish Mystic's Dream"
Color - Black

View Reena's Pedigree

Reena is a 12 1/2 inch female with a great coat. She has an excellent temperament, is very smart and performs many tricks. She has won many ribbons at our local festival for her performances. She carries for white and once produced almost an entire white litter. She will be retired this year and is going to live away at college with our daughter.


Greystokes Mystical Star     Greystokes Mystical Star

"Greystokes Mystical Star"
Color - Black

View Izzy's Pedigree

Izzy is a 12 inch female with a nice black coat. She hardly ever barks and has the most loving personality. She loves all of her toys to be out of the basket and if you pick them up, she will just drag them back out. Her mother was Reena and her sire was Ziggy. We are hoping for great things from her.

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